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human monoclonal antibody

human monoclonal antibody

Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. ("OMT")
Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. (OMT) is a leader in genetic engineering of animals for discovery of human therapeutic antibodies, naturally optimized human antibodies® and the only company with three transgenic animal platforms, collectively known as OmniAb™. All OmniAb platforms — OmniRat®, OmniMouse®, and OmniFlic™ — have broad freedom to operate, are protected by new patents and patent applications, and are available for all targets and indications.

OmniRat® is the first human monoclonal antibody platform to use rats. OmniRat, with its complete immune system and diverse antibody repertoire, generates antibodies with human idiotypes as well as wild-type animals make rat antibodies. OmniMouse® is a transgenic mouse that complements OmniRat and expands epitope coverage. Both deliver human antibodies with high affinity, specificity, expression, solubility and stability. OmniFlic™ is the first rat engineered with a fixed light chain for discovery of bi-specific, fully human antibodies.

Genentech and Roche, which have unlimited access to OmniRat for internal breeding and therapeutic antibody discovery, are collaborating with OMT on improvements to the platform. Genentech and Roche have rights to any improvements for internal development while OMT has rights to offer them to its partners.

OMT makes the OmniAb platforms available directly to partners in a range of licensing formats. The platforms can also be accessed via China-based WuXi AppTec as part of its global biologics discovery and development services and through US-based Antibody Solutions for cost-efficient antibody creation and characterization.

OMT was founded in 2007 by the company's CEO, Dr. Roland Buelow, and financed in 2008 by Essex Woodlands Health Ventures, one the largest and most respected healthcare venture companies in the industry. Dr. Buelow previously founded Therapeutic Human Polyclonals (THP) which developed genetically engineered rabbits, partnered with SangStat Medical Corporation (SMC), and sold to Roche in 2007. OMT's genetic engineering is done at its UK-based affiliate, Recombinant Antibody Technology, Ltd. (RAT) (


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